Top Tips for Taking Product Photos for Your Virtual Store

The visual attracts many people and draws attention to fulfill the desired action. In virtual stores also known as e-commerce, product photographs are essential to attract the attention of your customers and provide a better description of the product.

Therefore, we recommend these tips for taking product photographs for your virtual store.

Fundamental elements to keep in mind:

Taking professional photographs seems impossible, but if we want to have a good virtual store with quality high contrast images of our products, it is important to have the best tools.

Remember, it is not necessary to be a professional photography expert, since we can all do it with the help of these tools:

Get a Semi-professional camera

As the first element to take product photographs, you need a semi-professional camera that will allow you to take thousands of quality photos. If you do not have such equipment, you can use the latest edition smartphone that will give you optimal results.


Have a tripod

Images that are blurry or poorly framed are factors in users leaving the website. Therefore, you must have a tripod to support the camera, so that you can take photographs of products with stability.

If you don’t have a professional tripod, you can find a good quality one at an affordable price.


White sheets

Professional photographers use foam boards to bounce light. However, if we want to have the same results, we can use white sheets or white cardboard.

This will allow the light to bounce back and the image will not be too bright. Also, you can use black sheets to create dark edges on products.


Have a table to provide stability

Another fundamental element that you will need is to have a table to provide stability. Remember that it must be fixed and not moved, this way you will prevent the product from falling or tilting.

In addition, the table will be a reference point to play with frames, angles, and compositions.


How to take quality product photos?

Add a touch of shine

If you want to reflect exclusivity and elegance in your products, adding a touch of shine will help you achieve this purpose.

Remember that to take good images you can use a DIY diffusion panel, which can be easily made with a large size of plain white cardboard, tracing paper, and a stapler.


Use backlighting techniques

Sometimes it is a little difficult to focus on products that are made of reflective materials such as metal, silver, or glass. Therefore, some backlighting techniques manage to use the translucency of the product effectively.

To have perfect lighting, take these recommendations into account:

  • For backlighting, when you capture the glass product with a white background, try to capture the video to give a better appearance and not transparency.
  • Have side lighting to highlight the details of the product.
  • Have double overhead lighting to avoid reflections from materials made of metal. Make sure the product is clean and that there are no fingerprints or residue.


Try both artificial and natural light

Take advantage of each attribute of the products to play with natural and artificial light. When taking photographs of bags, clothing, or suitcases, the products must be accompanied by models.

On the other hand, if you photograph accessories such as bracelets, rings, or watches, it is better to focus directly on them to highlight the details, since these are small.

Artificial light allows details of a small product to be exposed. If you want to delight the client, you should use this type of lighting.

If you want to improve your business store, take into account these tips to have quality product photographs, so you can inspire trust and credibility in your users.

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