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Top Countries to Choose for Study Abroad Journey

The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, also known as Noida. The city is a vital part of Uttar Pradesh, which has proximity to the capital city of Delhi. Students from distinct parts of India come to study in Delhi NCR, and some of those even aspire to study abroad. Who better than the study abroad consultants Noida can guide you about the same? The factors believed while picking these countries are quality education, building networks, teaching methods, personal growth, etc. Well, studying in a different country is the experience of a lifetime. The article aims to tell you about the best study-abroad countries to shape your career.

Top Countries to Choose for Study Abroad Journey

Studying abroad in a well-known college is the dream of almost every student. Choosing a country to study is hard, but it is a must-have experience. The journey makes you independent and prepares you for real-life problems. Here are a few countries that can fulfil your career goals and provide the best work options.

United States of America

The USA is among the top study-abroad nations that is chosen by students of every country and career goal. The colleges in the USA top the university ranking list and provide the best quality teaching. Globally known degrees and the best job chances make it one of the top picks for global students. The country offers unique courses and cultural diversity, which attracts students from different parts of the world. The US is a top pick for the study abroad consultants Noida due to its modern approach and student-friendly space. The country is home to Ivy League colleges like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, etc., which makes it the best place to study.

United Kingdom

The UK is in the top spot for students who aspire to study abroad. It has colleges that are well-known for centuries, like Oxford, London School of Economics, Cambridge, etc. It offers a wide range of courses and provides in-depth knowledge with hands-on skills. The country has many scholarship options to fund your studies abroad. But before you plan to study in the UK, you require study visa consultants Noida to help you get a visa for another country. Though, it is not hard to obtain because the process is complex, which is why you require the help of an expert.


Hungary is now a famous choice among global students. Apart from the best quality study, it has beautiful cities and exciting history. The degrees offered here are mostly in two languages, which are English and German. It is a modern and safe country that allows you to experience diverse cultures. The cost of living is lower than in any other EU country. It is a small country with several work options along with globally famed degrees. Part-time jobs are available for foreign students. Moreover, you do not need to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam. It is considered one of the best countries in terms of education at fair prices.


Australia is a beautiful country with the beauty of nature and amazing wildlife; it is a home of rare animals. The country is known as the hub of excellence and post-study work chance. Studying abroad not only enhances your chances of getting the best education but also improves your soft skills. Australian education system focuses on worldly problems rather than just bookish knowledge. It is the top pick of study abroad consultants Noida because it helps you gain a global point of view and standard of living. The country has well-developed research centres with advanced tech.


Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that has a touch of multiple cultures, including Roman, Greek, Arabian and British. It is well known for its history and natural beauty, which attracts students as well as tourists from all around the world. Studying in Malta is an experience of a lifetime because Maltese people are warm towards foreign students and speak English. No language barrier helps you gel up with locals easily and gives you an enriching experience. This tiny island offers quality education with low tuition fees and the best work options.


Canada is the top choice due to its friendly policies for foreign students. It is one of the safest countries, thanks to its strict laws. The country has two official languages, which are English and French. It gives you a wide scope to improve your career and have command over your language skills. Picking Canada is also advised by the study abroad consultants Noida because the college here supports your career goals and provides knowledge accordingly.

These are some of the best countries you can pick to study abroad. Thus, identify what fascinates you the most and then make the final decision.

Summing It Up!

Choosing the right place to study is hard because this one decision will affect your life and career. Studying abroad not only provides quality education but also helps you improve your soft skills. There are several countries in the world, and every country is distinct from the others; likewise, it has different processes for visas. So, to avoid any delays, you require the study visa consultants Noida. Moreover, they help you in your journey and make it easy. If you do not know who to trust, try connecting with the experts at Call now and get the best advice that will change your life.

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