Styling Tips: How to Rock an Anarkali Suit with Dupatta

Anarkali Suit with Dupatta

Anarkali suits have stood the test of time. For centuries, they have been a popular choice, and still, they have managed to stay as a trendy and stylish choice for people. It all started back in the Mughal era, a dancer named Anarkali was known for her mesmerising performances and the elegant attire she wore became popular as Anarkali Suit with Dupatta. And in the early 2010s, they gained significant popularity because of their glamorous presence on the silver screen and became the top choice of Bollywood celebrities.  Anarkali dresses for women have been gaining popularity even in recent times as a fashion trend embraced by influencers and celebrities. 

So, whether you want to relive the Mughal era’s beauty or capture the glimmer and charm of fashion trends, an Anarkali Suit with a dupatta is a perfect choice.

Tips for wearing an Anarkali Suit with a Dupatta

What makes an Anarkali Suit stunning is its flared silhouette feature, which looks like an inverted umbrella. The upper part of the suit is a bodice and fitted, usually adorned with detailed embroidery or prints. The flare of the suit starts from the waist and elegantly ends at ankle length, which creates a beautiful princess-like effect. Here are some tips for styling an Anarkali Suit with a dupatta.

Look for Different Styles in Anarkali Suits

There are many styles and designs in Anarkali you have to see what style is perfect according to your body type and preferences Anarkali suits come in different styles, making them perfect for different occasions. There are many types of Anarkali suits, one of the most popular designs is floor-length Anarkali suits. 

For a more contemporary look, go for asymmetric hemline Anarkali suits. Every design has its unique elegance and charm to add, so it is important for you to choose the one that will elevate and enhance your body type and help you bring out its natural beauty.

Dupatta Styling In Anarkali Suits 

The dupatta is an essential part of styling Anarkali Suits. It doesn’t only make the suit look good, but it is also quite functional. If we talk about its functionality,  Anarkali suit with dupatta can be a life saviour for those who like to wear suits with modesty, and the dupatta will help them cover their chest and shoulder area. You can drape it in different styling techniques to make it look good according to your personal expression of style.

Draping a dupatta in a specific style can transform the overall look of the suit. To select the perfect dupatta, you need to take care of the fabric of the dupatta and what pattern you want.  A silk dupatta will give a luxurious look, and chiffon or georgette will give us a flowy and lightweight look. Style dupatta in different styles, like draping it over one shoulder and pleating it nicely or letting it hang loose from both shoulders. 

Selecting the Right Fabric and Colour

To have a stylish look, we must first select what fabric and colour we want to wear that will serve us according to our requirements. Go for rich fabrics like silk, brocade and velvet for formal occasions. The smooth and silky texture of silk will elevate the overall look of an outfit. Select light fabrics like georgette and cotton for casual days, and these fabrics will allow us to enter every room with grace and confidence. 

And don’t be afraid to try and experiment with contrasting colours and textures. When it comes to Anarkali suits, it has a wide variety of fabric and colour options that we can choose from, so choose the ones that will add elegance, are unique and has an eye-catching ability. 

Styling Anarkali Suit with Accessories

Accessorising is also very important in styling an Anarkali suit that will complement the overall look. Don’t underestimate the power of accessorising in styling the pieces of clothing. Let’s start accessorising Anarkali suits with jewellery, go for the statement jewellery, wear Chandelier earrings and try matching the jewellery details with the suit. You can also wear Jhumkas and maang tika to create a classic look. 

For footwear, you should try to match the suit’s design and colour. For a traditional ornate style, try to wear embroidered sandals or heels but ensure that the footwear won’t overpower the suit’s design. To add more accessories, you can go for embroidered clutches and potli bags that are trendy these days. Choose the bag according to the colour scheme of Anarkali’s suit, and that’s it for a complete styling of an Anarkali Suit with a Dupatta.


In this blog, we have discussed how to style an Anarkali Suit with a dupatta. From choosing the right fabric to how to accessorise the Anarkali suits easily. Here are some additional tips for maintaining the beauty of an Anarkali Suit is to do proper care, like dry cleaning and storing them in a cool and dry place and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Consider your body type to decide if you want an ankle-length or longer Anarkali suit.

Styling an Anarkali suit is a delightful journey to embrace the classical outfits in modern times. So start your journey by adding a stylish piece of Anarkali to your closet for a dazzling and breathtaking looks.


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