Everything You Should Know About Metalless Screwless Glasses

Have you been exploring various designer reading glasses materials recently? Today, eyewear manufacturers are sure to use some of these to ensure their products are durable. In this case, you may have encountered Eyekeeper brand glasses.

Metalless Screwless eyewear collection for maximum comfort

What is Metalless Screwless?

First, we must define metal-free, more hypoallergenic! It is a durable, lightweight and flexible thermoplastic material with a metal-free and screw-free design. Acrylic lens, plastic frame with unique 180° flip hinge. All of these qualities you can experience in most glasses today. Therefore, the glasses are extremely comfortable to wear even when used for long periods of time. The material’s flexibility allows the glasses to flex under pressure and comfortably mold to the contours of the wearer’s face. Most importantly, these frames are resistant to possible damage.

Features of the Metalless Screwless Glasses Collection?

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Carefully built to withstand regular use without damage. Screwless hinges ensure the hinge is secure and prevents any loosening, while the arms remain securely in place, eliminating the risk of screws coming out.

Enhanced Durability: These reading glasses offer reliable performance as they won’t break easily. The frame and ear arms won’t break easily, providing a reliable and sturdy product that users can rely on for a long time.

Hypoallergenic option: The absence of metal screws not only eliminates the risk of loose or dislodged screws, but also minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions or skin irritation, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free wearing experience.

What are the benefits of Metalless Screwless Glasses?

  • hypoallergenic treatment
  • All-day visual comfort
  • wide gaze direction
  • instant focus
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Strong and not easy to break

Trust these to convince you that Metalless Screwless glasses are your go-to frames, no matter where you use them.

  1. Light weight.

Based on patented research, the density of our eyewear materials is lighter, meaning the glasses become some of the lightest frames on the market. Therefore, it reduces the burden on the wearer’s nose and ears.

  1. The frame made of metal-free and screw-free material is impact-resistant.

If your glasses tend to fall out, you can switch to Metalless Screwless Eyewear Series materials for more flexibility. As a result, the frame is more resistant to collisions and other damage. The frame and ear arms won’t break easily, providing a reliable and sturdy product that users can rely on for a long time.

  1. Material, there are many colors and styles to choose from.

Eyekeeper brand glasses can be molded into different designs and incorporated into a variety of color combinations.

R2144 is a patented metal-free oversized reading glasses with an unbreakable spring hinge design, specially designed for fashionable reading glasses wearers.

Recommended for… Presbyopic patients looking for a comfortable and soft design

How to find the best glasses?

In order to get the best Eyekeeper glasses, you must first consider the appropriate frame design for your glasses. This means taking your face shape into consideration to determine the correct design and shape of your eyeglass frames. This is often the first step in buying eyeglasses.

As you know, Eyekeeper progressive reading glasses can produce a variety of colors. It’s also important to evaluate your skin tone to choose the frame color that best suits your skin. Warmer skin tones can choose frame colors such as silver, brown and gold, while cooler skin tones can choose pink, blue or tortoise.

In short, choosing the Eyekeeper brand of glasses is the best choice

Eyekeeper glasses are the best – affordable, comfortable, practical and stylish.

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