English speaking course in Chandigarh sector 34

English speaking course in Chandigarh sector 34


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  • English speaking course in Chandigarh sector 34
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English Speaking Course in Chandigarh Sector 34 We notice hundreds of people walking up and down the roads in front of us every day. There are small business owners, labour workers, blue-collared bankers and many other people that we meet and greet every other day. However, in our country, all these people, even if they have the highest qualifications, if they can’t speak fluent English, are categorised somehow as citizens with a lower status.


This trend has been going on for decades where a person is deemed fit for the job only if he/she can speak fluent English at any given time. Obviously, in some jobs, speaking English fluently becomes a necessity but there have been instances where people have been rejected even if the job didn’t require speaking skills let alone English-speaking skills.


The only thing that comes to my mind as the reason for all this differential behaviour towards our people might be a state of ‘Colonial Hangover’. This is a term given to the elitist group of people who want the whole country to revolve around them. Also, our education system since the 1950s has been so English-centric that we have never given any importance to the languages that we own.


Some people cannot live without English, like me, I have to speak and write English for a living and that’s fine. I work as a writer in India and writing in English is the norm for websites so that they can reach a larger audience. However, we forget the fact that India is a country with 22 official languages and hundreds of dialects. So, how can we say that the whole country and everyone in the population must know one particular language?


That’s a question that has been going around for a very long time and needs to be answered ASAP. Today, we are here to talk about this issue differently. I have given you a glimpse of what we are going towards in this article. We will talk about the importance of English speaking in India and also, we will try to find the best English-speaking course in Chandigarh sector 34. So, let us start without any delays.


Why are English-speaking courses important?


English has been our communication medium ever since the Brits left our country. Our political class back then wanted the youth of India to connect with the outside world as much as they could and for that, English was going to be an important tool. However, their decision to teach this language in our education backfired as it became an easy way to target people who could not speak proper English in schools, colleges, or even their offices.


Today, we keep talking about people’s mental health conditions and their state of mind, but we forget that the same trauma has been given to our peers at some point in time. We would have been too young to notice it at that time, but we understand the situation now.


The stigma of English speaking has been plaguing our society for ages but unfortunately, there are also some positives in joining an English-speaking course. The major benefits that people find are their self-confidence and self-belief, their career upgrades and many more positive things. All of this is glaring proof of what our society has become with the obsession of the English language.


Joining English-speaking courses is a good method to increase one’s self-worth as well. People in society give you more respect if they know you can speak English properly. Also, these courses are helping many people understand the language because they want to move out of India and build a life for themselves in English-speaking nations.


English speaking course in Chandigarh sector 34


Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh is becoming an education and IT hub for students from both Haryana and Punjab. There have been a lot of development in Chandigarh in relation to starting new colleges and schools and even training institutions that help students in learning various subjects. English as we know, is a necessary subject if you have a dream of leaving the country one day. IELTS and PTE are two of the best methods to make it easier for yourself for getting a visa to English speaking nations.


Therefore, to make English easier for students of Chandigarh, we at CBitss have created a course that will help you in improving your overall English language. From reading and writing to speaking the language, we will take care of everything. Just enrol in our English-speaking course and start your journey.




In conclusion, till the time there are differences in our society about a language, we will never become a nation that shows the world light of knowledge. If we want to become a developed country by 2047, as our honourable PM said, we need to let go of this insecurity of English speaking and move forward with our regional languages. Let the world understand our language of success.





  • What is duration of the English-speaking course at your facility?

Our English speaking is approx. 3 month long with all the tests and weekly mock interviews included.

  • Is English important for a visa?

Yes, English is one of the most basic criteria if you want to leave the country.

  • Will taking an English course help me in getting a visa?

Yes, learning English and speaking fluently can help you get your visa in lesser time.

  • What if I learn Spanish instead of English?

You won’t be able to get a visa for the English-speaking nations if you don’t excel in the English language.

  • Is this course available online?

Yes, all our courses in our facility are available in both online as well as offline format.




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