Eco-friendly Pointer Surplus: Reinventing Interaction with Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and Harris Secure Tactical Radios


In the swiftly progressing world of military and emergency interactions, having trustworthy, sophisticated innovation is not just an issue of functional efficiency but likewise of security and protection. Eco-friendly Pointer Surplus, a frontrunner in the excess devices market, focuses on giving such innovative solutions. 2 standout products in their schedule are the Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and the Harris Secure Tactical Radios. These systems characterize the development in safe and secure, robust area interaction, supplying unparalleled abilities vital for modern war and dilemma administration scenarios.

Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio: A New Criterion in Field Interaction

The Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio is a high-frequency (HF) radio system made for modern militaries, making certain long-range communication that is crucial throughout extensive, remote procedures. This radio is renowned for its robustness, using clear, secure channels also in the most challenging atmospheres. The versatility of the RF 7800H permits multiple setups, enabling it to meet a selection of objective demands.

Key Features and Benefits

Extended Array: Using advanced HF innovation, the Harris RF 7800H ensures interaction over countless kilometers without the requirement for facilities assistance, making it optimal for operations in remote locations.

Safety and security: Featuring built-in file encryption, the RF 7800H provides safe and secure voice and data interaction, safeguarding delicate info against eavesdropping.

User-Friendly Interface: Made with the operator in mind, this radio flaunts an user-friendly interface that streamlines facility functions and functions, making it possible for fast and effective interaction.

Versatility: The radio supports a wide variety of missions with its multi-band capacity, including line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight applications.

Applications in Field Procedures

The Harris RF 7800H is an essential device for armed forces devices taken part in area operations that require reputable and protected interaction lines. Its ability to work successfully in diverse settings, from thick forests to metropolitan settings, makes it vital for today’s military pressures.

Harris Secure Tactical Radios: Making Certain Goal Success with Advanced Safety And Security Features

Alongside the RF 7800H, Eco-friendly Suggestion Surplus likewise supplies Harris Secure Tactical Radios, which consist of a series of portable, manpack, and automotive arrangements. These radios are made to provide secure, trustworthy communications with boosted capabilities that sustain complicated missions.

Advanced Safety And Security Protocols

Harris Secure Tactical Radios use the current encryption innovations to safeguard communication networks. These advanced safety and security actions guarantee that functional information remain private and are available only to licensed workers.

Boosted Connection and Interoperability

One of the standout functions of these radios is their improved connectivity. They can incorporate with various other communication systems, using higher interoperability amongst different devices and services. This attribute is important during joint procedures entailing multiple companies.

Sturdiness and Dependability

Manufactured to withstand extreme problems and misuse, Harris Secure Tactical Radios are developed to last. Their resilience makes sure that they proceed to run effectively in severe environments and under physical stress, which is commonly experienced during area operations.


Eco-friendly Idea Surplus is committed to supplying its clients with just the most advanced and trusted communication services. The Harris RF 7800H Manpack Radio and Harris Secure Tactical Radios are prime instances of this commitment. These items not only fulfill the high needs of modern-day military operations however additionally established new requirements for efficiency and dependability in the field.

For organizations and individuals seeking dependable, protected, and easy to use interaction systems, Eco-friendly Suggestion Surplus offers an unrivaled array of options. Whether for tactical, critical, or emergency situation action, these radios are developed to perform when it matters most, ensuring that every goal can be executed with self-confidence and safety and security.

In a globe where the success of operations typically depends upon the top quality of interaction, Environment-friendly Suggestion Surplus with its Harris radios stands as a sign of quality, prepared to equip those that operate the front lines with the most effective devices offered.

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