Credit Card Details Exposed in Briansclub Data Breach

One of the largest underground sites dedicated to buying stolen credit card data has been compromised and could have been subjected to a cyber attack that stole 26 million records from within its store. brians club has uploaded over 14 million cards since 2014 to its site, including 8 million added this year alone. Many still hold validity; their validity dates may still be in the future.

What We Learned From The Data Breach

Briansclub cm, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for stolen credit card data, was compromised and over 26 million cards exposed as a result of hackers gaining entry. This figure demonstrates just how lucrative criminal activity can be by exploiting stolen consumer information for gain.

KrebsOnSecurity reports that an extensive collection of credit and debit cards were stolen over the last four years from various bricks-and-mortar retailers across North America. Over 14 million of the cards still have valid expiration dates in the future, suggesting they can still be exploited by cybercriminals.

KrebsOnSecurity reported that this breach caused shockwaves through the credit card industry, prompting major banks to monitor more sites selling this kind of data in the underground market. Gemini Exchange is one such platform which works closely with financial institutions to identify and monitor card data that appears online – it currently tracks over 87 Million Card Records for sale at sites like BriansClub!

KrebsOnSecurity reports that on average, stolen credit card data available at these underground forums is worth $500 per record, which explains why, even as banks roll out EMV terminals to reduce fraud risk in stores, such forums remain popular and attract many customers.

Criminals use stolen credit card data they acquire in various ways; one such use might include making fraudulent charges to their victim’s accounts that will have lasting damage on their credit history.

Criminal activity like these can also lead to identity theft, with threat actors using stolen data to open new accounts or alter existing ones. Therefore, it’s crucial that individuals secure their sensitive data online by keeping passwords safe and monitoring credit card activity regularly.

Keep in mind that criminals take advantage of our inattention to security breaches by exploiting it so we don’t notice they have occurred, making it all the more crucial that consumers monitor their accounts regularly for suspicious activity and remain alert.

The Site’s Identity

Briansclub cm Dealer Data Breach serves as a stark reminder that cybercriminals are always searching for opportunities to exploit weaknesses in our digital systems, such as credit card data theft. Criminals may use stolen credit card details for any number of fraudulent activities and can damage victims’ credit scores for years afterward. Luckily, individuals and businesses alike can take steps to defend themselves from attacks like this one: first by employing strong passwords and two-factor authentication whenever interacting online systems; next by monitoring their credit scores regularly and reporting any suspicious activity to credit bureaus immediately.

One of the primary targets of this attack was BriansClub, an established website for purchasing and selling stolen credit card information, according to KrebsOnSecurity. This popular destination for cybercriminals seeking stolen cards or financial data offers various services and consistently supplies stolen card data to cybercriminals looking for quick profits – featuring even an image of security journalist Brian Krebs with its name being derived from his popular blog Krebs on Security!

Gemini Advisory, the New York firm that verified the data for KrebsOnSecurity, found that BriansClub’s most recently uploaded database of stolen card records included 26 million cards. Of these cards, roughly 21.6 million are estimated not to expire until after October 2019, giving criminals plenty of opportunity for cashout.

Gemini estimates that these resellers and buyers purchased approximately 9 million cards over the most recent batch added to BriansClub.

BriansClub stands out from its competition not only by offering an expansive selection of cards but also through its quality control and outstanding customer service, making it an attractive destination for criminals looking for card data they know will work in real life. Additionally, its involvement in high-profile hacking incidents raises its profile within dark web communities while further increasing its allure to potential customers.

The Data Leak’s Impact

KrebsOnSecurity reviewed data shared by a source and discovered that BriansClub had been selling stolen credit card records online since 2015.

This website sells card records to criminals for use in various types of fraud, such as credit card theft in physical retail locations and online. Furthermore, binary data sold on this platform allows hackers to create fake magstripe cards that they can then use fraudulently when making purchases at physical retail locations.

KrebsOnSecurity’s investigation of the stolen database reveals that its site began with only 1.7 million card records to sell in 2015, but business rapidly escalated each year thereafter – adding 2.89 million records in 2016, 4.9 million cards in 2017 and finally 9.2 million cards by 2018.

Total losses associated with stolen card data sold through this site have been estimated at an estimated $414 million, assuming each card record costs $500 to purchase from criminals.

KrebsOnSecurity believes it’s likely the site will continue operating with less card records for sale.

As well as cash theft, stolen card data can cause lasting harm to victims’ credit histories. Fraudulent transactions on victims’ cards may cause their accounts to close – further jeopardizing their ability to borrow for mortgages or cars in the future.

While the Briansclub Cm Dealer Data Breach may be an extreme example, it underlines the necessity for all users to ensure they protect their financial information securely. No matter whether it be large corporations, small businesses, underground carding forums or underground carding forums – everyone must abide by a set of general cybersecurity principles that apply across the board in order to decrease the risks of cyber attacks that could harm both finances and reputations. By following these tips you can reduce your risk of cyber attacks that threaten both.


Briansclub cm’s data breach serves as a stark reminder that cybercriminals are constantly seeking opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities in digital systems, with cybersecurity measures needing to be regularly revised and reinforced if businesses dealing with customer data are targeted by hackers and sold on Dark Web marketplaces.

BriansClub, an online marketplace for selling stolen credit card details was recently compromised, leading to the loss of 26 million records. Modeled after security journalist and blogger Brian Krebs’s name and likeness for branding purposes, it offers stolen payment card details with sellers earning a percentage of each sale; unfortunately it was compromised in September.

Since 2014, hackers have uploaded nearly two million stolen cards to BriansClub – with another 4.9 million added last year and over 8 million added in 2019. Some of these stolen cards remain active giving criminals ample opportunity to use them for fraud or other unlawful purposes.

Criminals find the website particularly valuable because it provides various useful tools to facilitate fraudulent activity, including a tool to verify stolen credit card data by matching it against a database of known valid numbers – making this capability ideal for phishing, ransomware and bank account access frauds.

BriansClub engages in other illicit activities designed to complement its main business of selling stolen card details, such as sharing its full list of stolen cards with criminal marketplaces for tracking purposes and monitoring reissuance processes. Furthermore, it appears to collaborate closely with financial institutions in identifying when their customers’ credit card details appear for sale on Dark Web marketplaces. briansclub cm hack is an alarming event for individuals and organizations, serving as a warning that cybersecurity measures need to be reviewed regularly and reinforced. Following this incident, individuals should consider changing their passwords and activating two-factor authentication, in addition to closely monitoring credit reports and banking statements for suspicious activity which could indicate data breach.


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