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Selecting the right orthodontist is a critical decision as it can significantly impact your oral health, overall well-being, and the success of your orthodontic treatment.

Choosing the right orthodontist is vital for the success of your treatment, your overall oral health, and your overall experience. Take the time to research, visit multiple orthodontists if necessary, and ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with your chosen orthodontist and their team. Your smile and oral health are worth the investment in finding the right professional.

Meet Dr. Alexa Alborzi 

Over 9,000 smiles have been positively transformed by the dedicated efforts of Dr. Alexa A. Alborzi, who is not only an accomplished orthodontist but also a speaker, teacher, author, community leader, and humanitarian. Having established Alborzi Orthodontics in 1996, she has been able to enhance the lives of more than 9,000 patients and is committed to doing the same for you and your family.

With three decades of experience in the practice of orthodontics, Dr. Alborzi’s impressive accomplishments include:

  • Transforming over 9,000 smiles
  • Handling more than 2,000 Invisalign cases
  • Serving as a professor of Orthodontics at UCSF for 14 years
  • Authoring two books

Dr. Alexa A. Alborzi’s extensive expertise and passion for her work are evident in her outstanding contributions to the field of orthodontics and her profound impact on the lives of numerous individuals and families. Choose Alborzi Orthodontics as it’s the best moon orthodontics. 

Professional Philosophy of Dr Alborzi 

Dr. Alborzi’s professional philosophy is centered on her unwavering commitment to excellence in orthodontics. Her qualification as one of the most accomplished orthodontists in the area isn’t merely a result of her three decades of experience but is also distinguished by her dedication to staying at the forefront of the field through continuous education and staying abreast of the latest orthodontic technologies.

In pursuit of her vision of excellence, Dr. Alborzi invests numerous hours in ongoing education, both for herself and her team. This relentless dedication enables her to provide patients with treatment that is not only more comfortable and efficient but also produces superior results.

Dr. Alborzi has earned a prominent reputation in the San Mateo and Half Moon Bay communities for her expertise in addressing some of the most complex orthodontic cases. Her success in tackling such cases is notable, and she strives to achieve optimal outcomes without resorting to unnecessary surgery.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Alborzi is a dedicated member of her local community, actively supporting various community programs. Her involvement with initiatives like Smiles Change Lives and the Sonrisas Community Clinic reflects her commitment to helping less fortunate individuals attain the confidence of a winning smile. Dr. Alborzi’s philanthropic efforts are truly remarkable, often involving her in volunteering numerous hours each week to worthwhile causes, further underscoring her commitment to the well-being of her community.

Why you should choose Alborzi Orthodontics?

Dr. Alexa Alborzi is not just the best San Mateo dentist; she is an orthodontist, a distinction achieved by only a select few from the pool of dental school graduates.

Becoming an orthodontist requires a substantial commitment to training. Dr. Alborzi’s journey encompassed 11 years of rigorous education and preparation, which included four years of college, four years of dental school, and three years of specialized orthodontics residency.

During her intensive orthodontic residency, Dr. Alborzi acquired the intricate skills necessary to expertly manage tooth movement and guide the development of facial structures. This extensive training ensures that she possesses the expertise and knowledge to deliver the outstanding results you deserve.

When seeking a transformational smile, it’s essential to rely on an expert rather than opting for mail-order aligners. Dr. Alexa Alborzi boasts over 25 years of experience dedicated to helping patients, like yourself, unveil healthy and radiant smiles. Since the establishment of Alborzi Orthodontics in 1996, she has made a lasting impact on thousands of patients of all ages, enhancing their self-image and oral health. With her wealth of experience, she is more than capable of delivering the same exceptional care to you and your family.

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