An Overview of Fiberon Decking

If you’re in the market for composite decking, Fiberon is one of the leading brands. Made from wood fibers and plastic resins, Fiberon decking offers the natural look of wood without the splintering, warping, or staining. This low-maintenance decking comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit any budget or design taste. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of Fiberon decking, board options, costs, installation tips, maintenance, and how it compares to alternatives like timber and PVC deck boards.

Benefits of Choosing Fiberon Decking

There are many reasons to consider Fiberon composite decking:

  • Requires no staining, sealing, or frequent refinishing like natural wood
  • Resists splintering, cracking, insect damage, and rotting
  • Slip-resistant and cooler underfoot than most plastic and wood decks
  • Protects against mold, mildew, and other biological stains
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Mixed wood/plastic composition provides durability
  • Wide range of price points and board styles
  • Lightweight yet strong for easy DIY installation
  • Qualifies for many green building standards like LEED
  • Covered by solid warranties up to 25 years

Composite brings the elegance of wood together with the resilience of plastic.

Types of Fiberon Deck Boards

Fiberon offers several deck board options:

  • Good Life – Budget-friendly 3-sided capped boards in multiple neutral colors.
  • ProTect Advantage – Capped on 4 sides with wood-embossed pattern. Stain and fade resistant.
  • Symmetry – Mimics wood grain and coloring. Mixed vinyl/wood composition.
  • Paramount – Premium boards with PVC outer cap, wood inner core, hidden fasteners.
  • Santorini – Exotic hardwood patterns like Ipe and Tudor Brown.
  • Horizon – Filtered wood-grain pattern with flat profile.
  • ProTect Advantage Grooved – Boards with built-in hidden fastener slots.

There are choices suitable for any project scope, design, and budget.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

To maximize the results from your Fiberon deck:

  • Allow boards to acclimate to local weather conditions before installation.
  • Use hidden or color-matched composite deck screws.
  • Follow a consistent expansion gap spacing based on climate.
  • Cut boards with carbide-tipped blades for clean edges.
  • Keep debris out of gaps to allow drainage and prevent stains.
  • Occasionally clean with composite-safe deck cleaner and brightener.
  • Consider sealing boards after installation for extra protection.
  • Re-stain or seal minimally every 2-3 years based on wear.

Proper installation and periodic care ensure your deck stays beautiful.

Cost Breakdown

Expect to pay:

  • Good Life: $2-$3 per linear foot
  • ProTect Advantage: $3-$5 per linear foot
  • Symmetry: $4-$7 per linear foot
  • Paramount: $6-$9 per linear foot
  • Additional $2-$5 per square foot for installation

Fiberon competes favorably with wood and PVC decking at most price points.

How Fiberon Compares to Wood and PVC Decks

Compared to traditional wood and PVC decking, Fiberon offers:

  • Lower maintenance than unfinished cedar or pine but higher care needs than PVC
  • Superior durability over pine but less impact resistance versus PVC
  • Lower cost than exotic hardwoods like ipe
  • More variety of colors and patterns than pressure-treated deck boards
  • Cooler underfoot than PVC decking, warmer than wood options
  • Less moisture absorption and rotting than any wood-based decking

Overall, Fiberon strikes a great balance between the positive properties of wood and PVC at a reasonable price.


With its durability, low-maintenance, and natural wood aesthetics, Fiberon composite decking provides an attractive, long-lasting alternative for your outdoor living space. Choosing from the wide selection of colors and grain patterns allows you to create a truly unique look for your deck. Following proper installation and care procedures ensures your Fiberon decking will provide enjoyment for decades to come. Compared to traditional decking options, Fiberon’s wood-plastic composite outperforms wood while offering more design flexibility than basic PVC deck boards.Your new Fiberon deck will upgrade your outdoor space with exceptional quality, performance, and style.

Whether you envision a cozy, family-friendly retreat or a sleek, contemporary entertainment area, Fiberon composite decking empowers you to turn your outdoor dreams into reality, making it the ideal choice for those seeking both beauty and functionality in their outdoor living spaces.


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